Sponsors and Donated Services

for the 2016 Riggin Brick Barn Fest

A great big thank you to the following businesses for supporting the RBBF in its fourth year. By endorsing the Riggin Brick Barn Fest, these sponsors are helping the Riggin Family make a positive contribution to the community. Thank you so much!!

Halderman Real Estate Services          Donation                                            Chris Peacock, Area Representative

Mr. Rooter                                                      Porta Potties                                                                Jay Ullom

R&M Golf Carts                                            Golf Carts                                                                     Dave Marsh

Muncie Big Lots                                           Store Shopping Baskets                                 Lisa Craft & Justin Hogle

Sprong Farms                                               Misc. Maintainence                                                     Dave Sprong

Carter Lumber                                           Parking                                                                          Greg Barnard

Wasson's                                                          Straw Bales                                                                 Josh Courtney    

Farm Bureau Insurance                           Donation                                                                  Brian Cunningham 

Lo Carb  Cookbooks                                    Proceeds of Cookbook                                              Jacki Fulton Bible

                                                                              donated for Barn Renovation