2016 Vendor List

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Booth Name/ Vendors                 Products                                Website

Bead Toes                                Chicqiela Elbert-Velazco                 Gem&Metal Jewelry,Lampwork Glass Beads                         no website

                                                      Judy Bunner, Maria Walker           Native American Beaded Jewelry

Kathy's Knits                           Kathy Vermeulen                            Hand Knitted Items                                                                      no website

Three Bears Concessions    Joe Mann                                        Full Mexican menu: Tacos,                                                         no website

                                                                                                                   Taco Salads, Walking Tacos,

                                                                                                                   Nachos (3 different ways),

                                                                                                                   Giant Burritos,

                                                                                                                   Strawberry/ Lemon ShakeUps

Rodan and Fields                  McKenzie White                              Anti-aging Skin Care by the        

                                                       Kaitlin Anderson                             creators of Proactiv                          https://rodanandfields.com

Paparazzi                                  Karissa Stauch                                Paparazzi jewelry;                       www.paparazziaccessories.com/48938    

                                                       Erica Barnard                                 hair clips, hairbands;


Two Hoots                               Meg & Eric Cross                            Metal yard art;                         www.facebook.com/twohootshomemade

                                                                                                                  upcycled jewelry; windchimes

Cuddle Kernels                          Sarah Gremer                            corn filled hot/cold packs;                 www.etsy.com/shop/cuddlekernals

                                                                                                                 home decor and accessories


Arts Alive                                      Kambi Meyer                                Air plant jewelry & sculptures               www.etsy.com/shop/kambra       

The Little This and That Shop   Sandy Russell                        swords, knives, jewelry,                                                  no website

                                                                                                                   homemade novelties

East Central Neighborhood/     Old Washington Street         apple cider slushies, T-shirts,                                 www.ECNA.org

Washington St. Festival              Festival                                   chocolate covered bacon,

                                                                                                                   chocolate covered peanut butter pigs

Xooma                                          Joe & Melinda Shocklee              information on ordering packets                www.xooma.com/jes

Sherry's Corner                         Sherry Riggin                              Riggin for Comissioner items;                                         no website

                                                                                                                  old Royerton yearbooks, Bake sale;

                                                                                                                   nice, miscellaneous items

Pampered Chef                             Laura Mickler                            Kitchen and pantry items           www.pamperedchef.biz/lauramickler    

Shideler  Market                             Vici Gasaway                           Sweet Corn                                                                          no website

                                                                 Scott Shideler

Tracy's Smellgoods                      Tracy Hayes                            Incense, oils, soaps, shea butter            tracysmellgoods.blogspot.com 

                                                                                                                 body, burning & essential oils