Riggin Familes Come Together for Brick Fest

Joetta Riggin, Kent Riggin and Jeff Riggin shared Riggin memoribillia in the barn.

The originators of the Riggin Brick Barn Fest, Kindel Riggin Gray, Robyn Shideler Cunningham and Kim Riggin Meyer had a vision of bringing the community together to make a place for people to sell their wares, mingle with the crowds and have another community event. Little did they know that not only did the community respond positively to it, but so did the many family members! They had a fantastic backing from the many branches of the family tree, many contribution from the oldest to the youngest generations and lots of help from so many of the family members each year.

Founders...Rea and Nellie Community Based Family


Riggin's Dairy was founded by Rea Riggin in

1911. He and his wife, Nellie, had 9 children. There were eight sons and one daughter. The oldest to the youngest were Con, Joe, Adam, Robert, Miriam, Lloyd, Fred, Carl and Gene.

All of their children worked for the family business and stayed with the business after their parents passed away. Riggin's Dairy was well known in eastern Indiana. The dairy produced their own milk from their guernsey herd and

also bought milk from local dairy farmers as the business grew. Before owning a fleet of delivery trucks, the milk was delivered by horse and milk wagon. Stories about the generosity of Rea and Nellie and their family were told by many people in the community and are still remembered today. Today's generations enjoy hearing the stories.


Taking a page from the original founders and their nine children of always being a part of the community, belonging to many civic groups and giving back to others in many ways, the Riggin Brick Barn Fest offered many the opportunity to advertise and sell and/or promote their products at a local event. Being close to the city limits yet having a country feel, the event provided a friendly and safe environment. Getting feedback from the vendors and from the attendees  alike was very positive. Hearing that so many thought it was a good event for the community, made it an easy decision to do it again. Like their forefathers before them, they like to please the people of  Delaware County and surrounding communities. Relying heavily on their website and Facebook sites and mostly by word of mouth, the barn fest attracted well over 75 booths. Some of  their vendors came from other Indiana cities and the Barn Fest attracted booths from two other states, as well. Being proud of the first attempt at the event made the committee feel that their forefathers would have been proud of the Riggin Brick Barn Fest, too.