Meet the Chairmen of the Riggin Brick Barn Fest Kindel, Robyn and Kim

If you need any information about the Riggin Brick Barn Fest you may contact:

Kindel Riggin Gray                       765.215.9720                                  or         

Robyn Shideler Cunningham    765.730.3955                                or

Kim Riggin Meyer                         765.228.7450                                  or      

You may also try to contact us through the CONTACT US  box below. With this

website being updated, it may not work as of yet (getting out the kinks). If you use the CONTACT US box below and do not hear from us, please feel free to contact us personally using the above information. Contacting us on The Riggin Brick Barn Fest Facebook page is another way to reach us.

An application and information page that can be downloaded and printed is also available on the Barn Fest Info tab on this website.