Check Here for Updates for 2016 Barn Fest

July 15, 2016-   A few applications are starting to trickle in! You know what that means....the planning stages for the RBBF are in the works!

July 19, 2016- Planning stages are underway for the RBBF! New dates have us organizing sooner!

July 30, 2016- Bicentennial colors will be the theme this year!

August 3, 2016- Make sure you stop by the Barn Fest to see the gorgeous Bicentennial quilt to be on display during the Barn Fest! Pictures will not do it justice! We are happy to be representing Delaware County!

August 16, 2016-The Antique Tractor Club of Delaware County is bringing lots of tractors to the Barn Fest this year! Make sure you stop by and take a look! Thanks to all of the members who are making this possible!
August 18, 2016-It can now be announced that the Riggin barn has been selected as an Indiana Bi-Centennial Barn with Grand Honorable Mention. That means that even though we did not make the Top 10, we made the Top 13 barns of Indiana!!  Yea to Grandpa Rea for making such an awesome barn!!!

August 20, 2016- Even though we have set a deadline for entry fees, we are still taking last minute vendors, as always. The more the merrier! If you would like to join us this year and time is running out, you are not alone! We have had several last minute inquiries!

August 23, 2016- We are looking forward to the arrival of the Bi-Centennial Quilt any day! It is coming straight from the Indiana State Fair. Make sure to take the time to stop by and see this beauty!

August 23, 2016- If you see lots of cars around the barn this week, that means that the Riggin cousins are getting ready for the Fest! Lots of time and preparation have gone into this year's event. Thanks to all family and friends that have taken a part in this big event!