2015 Vendor List

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Booth Name/ Vendors                  Products                               Website

Pop-ees                                      Jane Clevenger                            a plethra of pretties                                                                       no website

The Little This & That Shop      Sandy Russell                           swords, knives, feathers, dream catcher                                    no website

                                                                                                  flags from pallets


No Crumb Left Behind               Sara Rogers                               Gourmet cookies                                                                            no website


Changing Seasons                        Bonnie Milas                               Fall flower & wreath arrangements,                                          no website

                                                                                                                        wooden items, angels, planters

A Little Loopy                                  Autumn Davis                             crochet  items      www.facebook.com/ALittleLoopybyAutumnFrancis
                                                                                                                        animal hats,
                                                                                                                        headbands & more

Out of theWoods                                Amanda Segraves                      handmade recycled wood                                                         no website
                                                                                                                           signs, decor, tables & more

Memory Expressions                       Becca Riggin                             handmade flower hair clips,                                                     no website
                                                                                                                         memory boxes from sand/stones/pebbles

Three Bears Concessions              Joe Mann                                  Full  Mexican menu: Tacos,                                                        no website

                                                                                                                       Taco Salads. Walking Tacos,

                                                                                                                       Nachos (3 different ways),

                                                                                                                       Giant Burritos,

                                                                                                                       Strawberry/ Lemon ShakeUps

Stiers Designs                                    Kim Miller                                 greeting cards, wall hangings,                            www.stiersdesigns.com 

                                                                                                                       silkscreen bags

TBD                                                       Joanna Manor                            glass items: decorated bottles, coasters                                   no website

                                                                                                                       glass plate flowers


Xooma Worldwide:                  Melanie Riggin                             Products, Literature                                          www.xooma.com/mlr

Changing the                              Joe and Melinda Shocklee             Demonstrations                                                          www.xooma.com/jes

Health of a Generation

I Am For The Youth                        Preston Allen                                Fried Fish and Fried Onion Rings                                        no website

Nature Program

Willow Run What Nots                Kim Meyer                           Beaded Jewelry, Glass Marble                                       n0 products listed at

                                                                                                                Items, Garden Plate Flowers,                                           this time on website

                                                                                                                Miscellaneous  Items

Thirty-One Gifts                              Jennifer Carrier                    Bags, purses, accessories, etc.   www.mythirtyone.com/jennifercarrier

                                                                                                    retired items will be sold 

Hawaiian Luau                            Tony Swift & Amanda Champ    BBQ, ribs, tacos, potatoes, nachos,slaw                           rollingluau.com